Monday, 29 January 2007

I feel like stamping...

Well after stamping soooo many images with my new stamps I actually made a card!!!

Nothing special but I needed to give myself a kick to get crafting again. On Crafts By Carolyn there is a rubber stamp challenge going on at the moment and the challenge was to make a card using a stamped image, and ribbon and only one other embellishment type....

Hope you all have had a good Monday xx

Sunday, 28 January 2007


Sorry bloggers that I haven't been around. It seems like my mojo has escaped me. I bought some new stamps and have been stamping and painting but can't seem to produce anything with them. I think alot of it is to do with my annual performance review looming and I just can't get my head away from it but after Tuesday hopefully my head will be clearer. I hope you are all well and I am loving seeing all your creations!!

Take care, love Sarah xxxx

P.S. I am now an owner of a Craft Robo which I have named Rosie, I have cut out a few things on it and it is just the best thing ever!!!!

Sunday, 14 January 2007

Getting organised

In my first blog I mentioned making myself a diary and here it is - I have yet to actually write in it!

Yesterday was a really good day, my parents and myself went to Clarks Outlet Village in Street which is near Wells as we are looking for a camcorder for Australia and something that is easy to operate for my mum and dad and we actually found one - wooo hooo. It is a really nice one too...

The joy of going to Clarks is that it also has a Paper Mill shop so we bought a few things there and a friend told me a couple of days ago that they had some gorgeous ribbon there so we HAD to buy some!!!

I am SOOO excited!!!

I am going to be a proud owner of a...........

Craft Robo (hopefully tomorrow). It is my birthday pressie from me to me lol!!!!!!!!!

My birthday cards...

Here are my birthday cards that I got from one of the birthday clubs that I belong to on Crafts By Carolyn. Thank you sooo much everyone - they are just FAB!

And thank you to a dear friend who made this door hanger for me, it is just perfect!

What a FAB birthday!

I had a lovely Birthday. I woke up quite early so I could be the first to pick up the post lol opened my lovely cards which I will show soon and opened my pressies from my Mum and Dad. My mum knitted me this gorgeous scarf
and then I had this beautiful watch - it is just perfect!
They also bought me a set of cases for our holiday in Australia and I also had these gorgeous papers and ribbons from them (they are from A Trip Down Memory Lane).
They are by Crate Paper - the Twirl & Birdie collection. I bought the beads, alphabet brads and letters (from Crafts By Carolyn) as a little birthday present from me to me as I knew I was going to buy a biggie pressie hehe.

My mum took me into Bath for the day and had lunch at TGI Friday's, then we saw Miss Potter - a really nice movie and a must see! We then went to The Chocolate Masters of bath - wow, twice in one week then we had a lovely dinner at home with a gorgeous cake
So all in all a fantastic day!

Friday, 12 January 2007

Thursday, 11 January 2007

Yummy, yummy!!

I had to go to the hospital yesterday to have a Visual Field Test which is due to an illness that I have had since I was 17. Anyway the upside of the test was that I am ok which is HUGE relief. We then popped into town and headed for Bath market and my dear mum bought all these goodies for us to share except for the eyelets which I got from W H Smiths - ribbons are soooo yummy!!!

We then and went and had a chocolate fix at Minerva Chocolate - it is a must place to visit, you can even see the chocolate mixing and there were soooo many chocolates!!!

We then went onto Boots and nearly ran out of Boots as we saw a mouse run down the aisle, they just freak me out!! I had a gift card that I had won so I bought some NO 7 make-up which was £20 down to £10 - bargain. Last but not least we bought a birthday cake for someones birthday tomorrow ;o)

At this moment in time I am waiting for my dear mother who is making a birthday card for a certain persons birthday to come out of the craft room so I can go in and finish off my Scrapbook page for the challenge on and I also want to do start on my DLO for a Circle Journal which I am in. Here is the front of my Circle Journal

I am soooooo excited at the moment as I am getting nearer to getting my Craft Robo and I am semi-tempted to buy it tomorrow hehe or maybe I should be sensible and wait till payday - so who knows what I will do lol! Anyone got any advice on this serious matter? lol

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Dies For Sale

I am making way for a Craft Robo so I am selling off my dies.

Free P+P on everything!

Some die's haven't even been open!

Sizzix Dies

All Sizzix dies can be found here:

Red Dies £7.50 each

38-0257 Cracked egg
38-0995 doodle Dies Purse, Shoe & Hat
38-0166 Frame, Jelly
38-0100 Doll Body
38-0101 Doll Girl Hair #1
38-0233 Santa Head
38-0133 Car Front - SOLD Pending payment
38-0993 doodle Dies Home Sweet Home #2 SOLD
38-0103 Doll Dress Set
38-0994 doodle Dies Home Sweet Home #3
38-0104 Doll Overalls
38-0102 Doll Boy Hair #1
38-0256 Basket SOLD Pending payment
38-0808 Star #2

Yellow Dies £6.50 each

38-0237 Stocking
38-0229 Butterfly #3
38-0258 Bird
38-0259 Sheep
38-0153 Bow

Green Dies £5.00 each

38-0230 Butterfly #1
38-0261 Eggs SOLD Pending payment
38-0703 Bunny #2
38-0262 Jelly Beans
38-0705 Watering Can
38-0122 Doll Sports Gear #1
38-0244 Holly & Berries
38-0708 Open Book SOLD Pending payment
38-0711 Tree
38-0123 Doll Shoes #1
38-0242 Ornament

38-9003 Girls Are Weird Alphabet £50.00
38-1037 Lollipop number set £25.00


All my Accucut dies can be found here:

Zip'eSlim Dies

Angel #1 & Star’s £15.00
Huggable, Loveable Bear & Sleepytime £15.00 SOLD
Sun Hat & Heart Clasp Handbag £10.00

Zip'eCuts Dies

Pebbles Floral Flower #10 £6.00
Kirsty Alphabet Deluxe ½” £50.00

You can contact me through my web site

I will be adding more thing's to the list soon

If look's could kill...

I found this pic while wondering around the old WWW. It is soooo cute but I wonder what the other girl is thinking lol!

Monday, 8 January 2007

Second Round

After failing miserably last time round with keeping my blog updated I thought what with a new year and a fresh start etc... that I will start blogging again but I can't promise it will be entertaining but hopefully I can share with you some of the things I make along the way.

Not much to report at the moment, lots of good things happening this year and it's not long till my birthday!! Yay!!

I have been thinking about New Years Resolutions since the new year began, I used to have loads when I was a wee one but now I am growing old (yeah right) I am starting to think what's the use in them?
I am the kind of girl that goes through the year setting little goals here and there, I just can't be doing setting lot's of big one's in the beginning of the year then a few week's down the road completely loosing the plot.
So, what I am going to do is set a goal every other month. This month I want to train myself to be more more organised so today I am going to alter a diary and hopefully this will help.... we'll see but I can't promise!

I think I should stop babbling along now so I just wanted to say that I hope you all have had a good Christmas and here's to a better year!