Thursday, 11 January 2007

Yummy, yummy!!

I had to go to the hospital yesterday to have a Visual Field Test which is due to an illness that I have had since I was 17. Anyway the upside of the test was that I am ok which is HUGE relief. We then popped into town and headed for Bath market and my dear mum bought all these goodies for us to share except for the eyelets which I got from W H Smiths - ribbons are soooo yummy!!!

We then and went and had a chocolate fix at Minerva Chocolate - it is a must place to visit, you can even see the chocolate mixing and there were soooo many chocolates!!!

We then went onto Boots and nearly ran out of Boots as we saw a mouse run down the aisle, they just freak me out!! I had a gift card that I had won so I bought some NO 7 make-up which was £20 down to £10 - bargain. Last but not least we bought a birthday cake for someones birthday tomorrow ;o)

At this moment in time I am waiting for my dear mother who is making a birthday card for a certain persons birthday to come out of the craft room so I can go in and finish off my Scrapbook page for the challenge on and I also want to do start on my DLO for a Circle Journal which I am in. Here is the front of my Circle Journal

I am soooooo excited at the moment as I am getting nearer to getting my Craft Robo and I am semi-tempted to buy it tomorrow hehe or maybe I should be sensible and wait till payday - so who knows what I will do lol! Anyone got any advice on this serious matter? lol


Beckie said...

Lovely CJ cover!
Thanks for joining us in the Bumbleberry Café :)

Rhi said...

Wowee I love this CJ cover, so inspiring. I still haven't been brave enough to sign up for one myself but maybe this year!
Rhi x

Rhi said...

ps forgot to say gorgeous goodies!