Wednesday, 30 April 2008

What's on YOUR desk?

This is a shot of part of my desk - lot's of new rubber that came today to play with!

Have a good evening!

Wild thing, you make my heart sing...

Well not quite, as there aren't many wild things happening here but it twas the prompt over at HS:MS so the best I could do is take a photo of a rambling ground plant (which I don't even know what it is called) but it seemed to seed itself, it is like a blanket covering the base of a lovely tree we have got in the lower garden. but it seems to be getting a bit 'wild'!

Not a great photo but the best I could do when dodging the showers!

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

HS:MS Catch up

Hope you all had a good weekend? Where did it go?? I can't believe that in we are going to be in May, it feels not long ago we were singing Christmas carols and being merry!!

I have a few photos to show you today as I have been catching up with HS:MS

This first photo is for Saturday's prompt:

SPS (Someone Else's Portrait Saturday). It is of my Pa doing what he loves best (reading the daily paper)!

Sunday's prompt:
SOS: Show Off Sunday

I *LOVE* this photo, it cases what means home to me, peace, tranquillity, nature, fresh air and a path to a beautiful waterfall (all this in my gorgeous village).

The second is for yesterday's prompt:
Long: To measure a great distance from end to end

I also LONG to play this like I used to!

Today's prompt:
Dairy: Milk or milk products.

I have just gone over from cows to goats products as I think I may have an allergic reaction to cows products, but I actually love goats products better than cows products, especially the cheese - *YUM*! I went to a local goats farm the other day to see what they had on offer and we got some gorgeous cheese, apparently they sell to Harrods!! If anyone knows where I can get goats cream or have any recipes I would love to know!! Thanks.

I made some these on Saturday

Just because Anzac biscuits are SO yummy, although mine were a bit more 'chunkier' but still tasted gorgeous if I do say so myself :P
If you want the recipie you can find it here

Well, I have a few challenges I want to get done so have a good day wherever you are :O)

Friday, 25 April 2008

Zest Blog Sketch

Over at the Zest Blog we were given a fabby scetch by Melissa and here is my take on it. I needed to do an anniversary card for my Mum & Dad who celebrated 38 years so this sketch fitted perfectly, thanks Melissa!

Stamps: Heart & Journaling card by Magnolia
Paper: Basic Grey Perhaps
Ribbon & Embellies from stash

Thanks for looking.

HS:MS - Twisted

Bent, curly, inter-twined material or warped state of mind.

Well I definitely haven't got a warped state of mind although my family might disagree with me there! So off I trotted out into the garden while the sun was out looking for anything that gave me the twisted appeal and this is what I came up with.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

HS:MS - Bathe

The weather wasn't as good today as it was yesterday so I spent today indoors, I am feeling much better today as well - think the dreaded ear ache has gone - yippe for antibiotics!!

The prompt over at HS:MS was "Bathe: To immerse ones body in water or light" and this was my take on it.

It was a shot I took just over a year ago when I was on my way to Australia and I stopped in Singapore. Singapore must be one of the best airports in the World, well it is to me, it is so relaxing there especially with the Koi pond and the Orchid garden, so here are a few Koi's bathing.

Edit: This photo was taken when I had my rubbish old camera, so excuse the lighting :O)

Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Hello to anyone who reads this blog.

I have HS:MS pop up in my reader everyday and today was the first time I have actually done more than read the prompts. Today's prompt was "Delicate - To be very fine in texture, structure or workmanship. Well I could of taken a picture of me (but that would of frightened away any reader) as I have had a ear infection since Sunday and all my energy has been zapped so to get some of this energy back I went into the garden for a couple of hours this afternoon as the sun was glorious so I took this opportunity to take a couple of photo's of the gorgeous flowers that are flowering at the moment.

This one was a bit of a mistake as I had the ISO set too high but I really like the effect it has give me.

When sitting out in the garden I took the time to stamp some images to make up into cards so hopefully by tomorrow I will have a couple to share.