Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Hello to anyone who reads this blog.

I have HS:MS pop up in my reader everyday and today was the first time I have actually done more than read the prompts. Today's prompt was "Delicate - To be very fine in texture, structure or workmanship. Well I could of taken a picture of me (but that would of frightened away any reader) as I have had a ear infection since Sunday and all my energy has been zapped so to get some of this energy back I went into the garden for a couple of hours this afternoon as the sun was glorious so I took this opportunity to take a couple of photo's of the gorgeous flowers that are flowering at the moment.

This one was a bit of a mistake as I had the ISO set too high but I really like the effect it has give me.

When sitting out in the garden I took the time to stamp some images to make up into cards so hopefully by tomorrow I will have a couple to share.


Bambi said...

welcome to HSMS! wow, this is beautiful (^_^)

Jolanda said...

Glad to see you at HSMS. The picture is stunning.

maz said...

Super shot Sarah. Sometimes (often!) 'mistakes' make good photos! Welcome to HSMS