Tuesday, 29 April 2008

HS:MS Catch up

Hope you all had a good weekend? Where did it go?? I can't believe that in we are going to be in May, it feels not long ago we were singing Christmas carols and being merry!!

I have a few photos to show you today as I have been catching up with HS:MS

This first photo is for Saturday's prompt:

SPS (Someone Else's Portrait Saturday). It is of my Pa doing what he loves best (reading the daily paper)!

Sunday's prompt:
SOS: Show Off Sunday

I *LOVE* this photo, it cases what means home to me, peace, tranquillity, nature, fresh air and a path to a beautiful waterfall (all this in my gorgeous village).

The second is for yesterday's prompt:
Long: To measure a great distance from end to end

I also LONG to play this like I used to!

Today's prompt:
Dairy: Milk or milk products.

I have just gone over from cows to goats products as I think I may have an allergic reaction to cows products, but I actually love goats products better than cows products, especially the cheese - *YUM*! I went to a local goats farm the other day to see what they had on offer and we got some gorgeous cheese, apparently they sell to Harrods!! If anyone knows where I can get goats cream or have any recipes I would love to know!! Thanks.

I made some these on Saturday

Just because Anzac biscuits are SO yummy, although mine were a bit more 'chunkier' but still tasted gorgeous if I do say so myself :P
If you want the recipie you can find it here

Well, I have a few challenges I want to get done so have a good day wherever you are :O)


amandamagpie said...

Fab catch up, Sarah, and those biscuits do look yummy. x

Sue Nicholson said...

Hi Sarah, great name, (dd is also a Sarah ;-)

Nice to meet you. Came over from HSMS.

Fab catch up. Love the shot of your pa and the angle of piano keys is fabulous :-)

Those biscuits do look yummy :-)