Sunday, 14 January 2007

Getting organised

In my first blog I mentioned making myself a diary and here it is - I have yet to actually write in it!

Yesterday was a really good day, my parents and myself went to Clarks Outlet Village in Street which is near Wells as we are looking for a camcorder for Australia and something that is easy to operate for my mum and dad and we actually found one - wooo hooo. It is a really nice one too...

The joy of going to Clarks is that it also has a Paper Mill shop so we bought a few things there and a friend told me a couple of days ago that they had some gorgeous ribbon there so we HAD to buy some!!!


Jane said...

ooh ! what a lovely diary ! gorgeous colours. Love the ribbon too - don't blame you at all for having a spendy ! (found your blog while blog hopping this am - just saying Hi !!)

Sue said...

sounds like a perfect birthday


Jo said...

Gorgeous diary :) The monogram is fabby. I love the papermill shop, just wish there was one nearer... :)

jo xx

Kathy said...

Your diary is beautiful, well done!

And sounds like you had a wonderful birthday - belated Happy Birthday wishes from me!

Em said...

Glad you had such a lovely birthday Sarah.

Love your diary - you clever bunny.

Am feeling v jealous of those lovely ribbons - can't wait to see what you do with them.


Joanne said...

Cute diary! Love your designs.

Came across your blog via so thought id say hello!

Joanne x