Wednesday, 28 January 2009

2 Quick Cards

Hello Bloggers!

Thank goodness that it is Thursday tomorrow then it will be FRIDAY - YAY!! I have gone back to work this week after being poorly and I am coming home exhausted! I forgot how tiring work can be ;o) So, I am looking forward to a weekend of lie-in's and not waking up at 6am and just chilling out. We may go and see the new-ish film Australia, SO can't wait to see it!!

Anyway, onto more important matters.

Here are a couple of quick cards I made for my cousins birthday, both of them are in their 90's so thought I would go with the vintage/elegant look!

The circle stamp is from this amazing company in the US, they have no cart system but you just email them your order and they send you a PayPal invoice, they are so helpful and friendly and the stamps came ever so quickly - I can't recommend them enough! The range of stamps are lovely too.....

Well, I am off to bed now to get an early night, thanks for visiting!


Hazel said...

Love the stamp - going to have a look at that site. Lovely cards - super picture of the girl in the second one. x

Ellen said...

you temptress.must check them out.

I love that second card it's beautiful

The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Hi Sarah, glad you are feeling better! I have the lergy now, lol. Beautiful cards, love the way you have coloured these, so soft. That ship image is amazing! Have those lie-in's you lucky thing, I have to work Saturday in the shop, nevermind, not like work really, that is if I get rid of this bug. Have a great weekend, Heidi xx