Sunday, 18 May 2008

CBC: Challenge 6 – Crafty Storage Ideas

We need a picture of your favourite storage item can be shop bought or made. The catch here is the item must NOT be purpose built – ie a paper rack for paper nah thats just not on we need clever crafty ideas

Here's my favourite storage item minus the cakes :O(

A cute little place for my ickle ink pads, acrylic paints and 'wot not's' ;O)


Adele said...

Howdie back there partner!!!!

I am rather excited, LOL, better get a bit more stamping practice in now!!

love Adele.x

Em said...

ooooohhhhh - I've got one of those too for my cupcakes - aren't they fab?

mamaluke said...

woohoo, I have one of these too!!!